Choptank Fleet

Choptank Fleet

Choptank Fleet Captain

George Breig

Racing Information and Details

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Choptank Fleet in Action for Wednesday Night Racing.

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Notes From the Fleet Captain

This year the Choptank Fleet will be using the predefined list of 32 courses. The Skipper’s Guide from 2023 will be in effect for 2024. The list is organized from Zero degrees Magnetic to 360 degrees.  

On occasion, the Race Committee may decide to customize the racecourse depending on weather conditions. Print a copy of the list and keep it in your boat. Skippers are expected to have the list. The committee boat will only post and announce the course number on VHF Channel 72.

Before each start, all skippers must report their boat name with the race Committee.  

Races typically start at 6:00 PM and 6:07 PM.

We strongly encourage all sailors join ESSA. Please click here to access the forms and pay online.

Notes From the Fleet Captain

This season we are introducing a Cruising Class Fleet. This new fleet is designed to attract skippers of boats better suited for cruising and skippers who are new to racing and do not want to deal with congested starts.

The Cruising Fleet will start 6 minutes after the Non Spin Fleet. The starting line will be “open” for 5 minutes to allow skippers to start when they want within that time. Boats will then report their elapsed time after crossing the finish line at buoy Z and the Yacht Club.

ESSA will waive membership dues and racing fees for one year to attract new Cruising Fleet boats to join us on Wednesday nights. If you know of a skipper who may want to sail in the Cruising Fleet, please encourage them to contact George Breig, the Choptank Fleet Captain at (443) 521-9920.

Stedman Smith Cup

June 3, 2023

Congratulations to Brandon Spears and the crew of Gabrielle on their repeat championship.
From a drift start to 25 Knots winds, it was a spectacular day. 
1st Place: Gabrielle – J-29, Brandon Spears
2nd Place:  Aura – J-100, Bob Gallagher
3rd Place: Touche – Comet, Bob Dickey

Less than 10 minutes, corrected, separated first to last place. 


Wild Goose Chase

September 9, 2023

Congratulations Bob Gallagher and the crew of Aura on their win!

Due to the light winds a shortened course was selected. As it is a chase, the first boat out had a 22 minute lead over the last boat.First Place: Aura, Bob Gallagher

  • Second place: Paprika , Curt Weist
  • Third place: Zinful, Mike Stewart
  • Fourth place:  Jitterbug, George Breig